Lavazza BLUE Single Serve Espresso Machine Model LB 2317 + 400 Capsules – Italy Best Coffee

Lavazza BLUE Single Serve Espresso Machine LB 2317 Fridge + 400 Capsules

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Lavazza’s latest innovation. Manufactured by Saeco, this model is designed to fit all places from front of house serviced to self service solutions. Elegant, professional, technologic, versatile and performant Lb 2317 is projected to intensify the experience thanks to its good touch, great look, minimal noise and perfect coffee taste and flavor. LB2317. The difference in one simple touch.
  • Manufacturer: Saeco
  • Lavazza LB 2317 Espresso Machine for Lavazza Blue capsules
  • Includes 400 Capsules of Original Lavazza Blue Caspules
  • Programmable brewing button
  • Fast capsule disposal Adjustable cup size
  • Two Thermoblock
  • Mobile coffee spout
  • Hot water spout
  • Fresh milk spout compatible with Ventury system
  • Wide drawer capacity for both separate exhausted
    caps and water waste
  • Adjustable lower cup for different sizes
  • Warning for automatic washing cycles
  • Self rinsing milk froth device: automatic and easily
    removed to dish wash
  • One touch recipes selections
  • Interactive panel for menage fixed recipes settings,
    doses and data
  • Smart usb for data monitoring and management


Maintenance Manual

Daily Use Guide

Daily Maintenance Guide

Fridge Manual

Lavazza Blue means Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso, and brings to you a high quality coffee in a single serve solution. The ESPRESSURE patent guarantees a sublime result in the cup, just like at the bar. The Lavazza Blue range has espresso, lungo coffee, decaffeinated blendw, offering something to satisfy everyone's tastes.