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#12. What’s the difference between Espresso and Drip coffee?

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#12. What’s the difference between Espresso and Drip coffee?

Do you know what to choose between Espresso or Drip coffee? The difference is mainly about your favorite preparation method, coffee aspect, and taste preferences.

Drip coffee is often a medium or light roast, as these roasts preserve some of the sweet and acidic notes in the coffee.  Espresso’s intensity can be enhanced by a medium-dark roast, as the darker roasts will drop in acidity and increase in body and bitter notes.

Espresso is prepared faster using a finer grind, and requires an espresso machine. The machine’s pumps use 9 bars of pressure to press water through coffee grinds for an ideal time of 25-30 seconds, after they are compressed down into a puck.

Drip coffee can be prepared with medium grind and is slowly made by pouring hot water, just under boiling, over coffee that sits in a filter. Water is poured or showered onto the grinds, and depends on gravity to push it through coffee. There are different methods of preparation: pourover, French press, or electrical coffee maker.

When it comes to the coffee’s appearance - Espresso looks like a dark brown, slightly thick liquid with a layer of golden crema on the top. Whereas Drip coffee looks like a brown liquid that’s more watered down.

Finally, espresso brewing produces a strong, concentrated taste with intense flavors. In contrast, filter brewing provokes a sweet, clean brew that translates into a subtle, delicate flavor profile.

Personally, I definitely prefer espresso coffee. Maybe, because I am Italian. So, that's a cultural heritage. But also definitely for the consistent and robust taste that I get in every cup of coffee. Super Crema aromatic flavor is definitely what makes me happy! Have you tried Kafa? Apparently it is excellent. Let me know.

Tip: Choose your coffee based on your ideal preparation, but most of all, on the type of taste and coffee aspect that you are sure you will enjoy the most.

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