#7. How is coffee roasted?

How is coffee roasted?
We often hear that roasting is a crucial step… So, let’s take some time to discover what roasting is, and the different levels!
Roasting is when the green beans are heated at a carefully controlled temperature for a limited time, revealing some of the complex flavors of each coffee varietal. This also creates the characteristic brown color of the roasted coffee beans.
This is a crucial step in the coffee production process, as it determines the coffee flavor profile that we enjoy in our cup.
Before roasting, green coffee beans are soft, spongy, and have a grassy taste.
The roasting time and temperature impact the taste profile of coffee at different levels: the flavor and aroma, body, acidity, bitterness, and intensity.
There are 3 different types of roasting that we want to discover:
  1. Light Roast
Occurs at the first crack; coffee beans reach the lowest roasted temperature of 356°F-401°F.
How it affects coffee flavor profile and taste:
  • No oils on the surface of the bean
  • Light body
  • Highly acidic and lightly sweet
  • Complex flavors and aromas
We are very proud of our Light Roast #1 espresso coffee:
Lavazza Tierra Organic
     2. Medium Roast
Happens after the first crack, but before the second, the coffee beans reach 410°F-428°F.
How it affects coffee flavor profile and taste:
  • Light sheen of oil on the surface
  • Medium body
  • Lower acidity and sweetness
  • Balanced flavors and aromas
This is our Medium Roast most popular espresso coffee:
Lavazza Super Crema
           3. Dark Roast
Arrives just after the second crack; coffee beans reach 464°F-482°F.
How it affects coffee flavor profile and taste:
  • More oils on the surface
  • Full body
  • Lowest levels of acidity and sweetness
  • Intense, but less complicated flavors and aromas
This is our Dark Roast fav espresso coffee:
Lavazza Gran Riserva
 Now, when choosing coffee, you know the impact of roasting on your favorite roast or blend!! Do you have any recommendations on roasting to share with our community? I can't wait to hear from you. I am sure there is more to know!
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