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#10. What’s Crema?

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Even if you are not an espresso connoisseur, you have certainly noticed a 3 mm thickness red-brown layer on your cup of coffee that is roughly 10% of the total amount volume. What could that be? Crema!
Crema is the result of an emulsion between gasses and oils during the extraction process. When it comes to characterizing a perfect cup of espresso, crema is undoubtedly an essential element that you want to put as a top priority in your list. One sign to identify the best quality of the crema is the time. If your crema stays intact for 1 minute, you can be reassured that you got a perfect one!

Crema can be easily recognized by 3 key elements: color, consistency, and persistence. Color comes as a result of sugars concentration; the caramelization of sugars during roasting adding nuance and intensity to your cup of coffee. Consistency and persistence are the results of the equation of the emulsion of proteins during preparation. Consistency is defined by the texture, quality, compactness, and quality and density of the crema. Persistence determined by the amount of time your coffee crema remains intact before disintegrating.


Do you need some advice to get the best crema ever? Make sure to use only espresso coffee finely ground, extract your coffee for a reasonable time, ensure your extraction is around 20-30 seconds, warm up your machine, and remember to clean it frequently!



Here is our selection of espresso for you to make the most out of your first crema experience: Super Crema and L’Espresso Gran Crema whole beans coffees.

Super Crema 

L’Espresso Gran Crema

Tip: Crema, as you know, generally disappears after 60 seconds. So, if you really do not want to lose it, make sure to hurry up and enjoy it during this time frame!


Reviewer: Mccarthy Kathleen, Lavazza NY Trainer


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