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#16. What’s Lavazza Espresso?

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You’ve probably heard the word “espresso “quite a lot, especially if you’ve got the chance to travel to Italy…. So, what’s an espresso? Let’s discover every single essential detail together.
Espresso is known worldwide as Italian coffee per excellence. Espresso literally means "made in the moment" and "concentrated."
Espresso is the result of a pressurized machine’s rapid extraction method, that takes between 25 and 30 seconds at a pressure of 9 bars. Because of this specific brewing method, the flavors that you will taste are highly concentrated.



You can easily and quickly recognize an espresso by its dense, elastic, gold-colored, red-brown, and consistent, smooth crema; espresso has a full body, intense aroma, and higher caffeine per unit volume when compared to the majority of other coffee extraction methods.

If you desire to enjoy the best cup of espresso, you should make sure your coffee measures no more than 25-30ml, and it’s served at a temperature of around 75°–80°C.
Factors that contribute to the perfect espresso extraction include the combination of coffee blend, the fineness of the grind, the espresso machine, and the skill of the barista.

Espresso can be made with a wide variety of coffee beans, and it is also the base for other coffee drinks, including caffe latte, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, caffe mocha, and caffe americano.


If it’s your first time preparing an espresso – We would definitely suggest you choose: Qualita Rossa, Super Crema, or Tierra! Selection.

Tip: When possible, order it at the bar and start the conversation with the barista. As soon as ready, drink your espresso very fast. Make sure the crema is on the top. Once the crema is gone, the flavor disappears. This is because crema acts like a lid covering the espresso, keeping all the aromas inside.


Reviewer: Mccarthy Kathleen, Lavazza NY Trainer

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