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#11. What’s the difference between Whole Bean and Ground coffee?

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#11. What’s the difference between Whole Bean and Ground coffee?

You are probably wondering what’s the best choice between whole bean and ground coffee.

The answer is connected to your preparation methods, time, and taste preferences.

Consider your favorite brewing method. Generally, pre ground coffee is for drip preparation with manual pour overs or home coffee makers like Carmencita; ground has the perfect coarseness for these methods. Whereas our whole bean blends are for use with espresso machines or filter methods like Chemex or French Press. These methods require a finer or coarser grind size than the pre ground.

Preground coffee is very convenient and fast – ready to use, with little effort and time. On the other hand, grinding your beans fresh will always make a better cup. Whole bean requires the right equipment and time - you not only need your chosen machine to brew, but also a good quality grinder. Then you’ll need to calibrate the right amount of coffee beans and grind size depending on your brewing method.

If you do not want to spend time and money on the grinding process, go for pre ground coffee. You will be sure to get a uniform and consistent grinding size which translates into a consistent flavored coffee. But, if you would like superior results and you can manage the grinding process, get a burr grinder, and choose whole beans! You can make careful adjustments on the grind, coarser or finer. In doing so. You will reach an optimal extraction and the best possible cup of coffee that gives you a new level of flavors. 

If you ask me what’s my favorite ground coffee, I will reply Caffe Espresso. If you ask me what's my favorite whole bean coffee, I will say Super Crema.

Tip: Choose your coffee based on your ideal preparation! Every coffee is excellent if prepared with the perfect technique and, most of all, with your passion.


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