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#2. What’s Italy Best Coffee Portfolio?

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What’s Italy Best Coffee Portfolio?
Welcome to our Lavazza selection chosen to satisfy all your needs!
We invite you to enjoy - Coffee, Machines, Drinkware, and Accessories.
All you need is coffee!
Choose your favorite Lavazza coffee blend and enjoy an authentic Italian cup of coffee - We offer a variety selection: Whole beans, ground coffee, professional drip coffee and  single-serve.
Depending on which product you select, Lavazza’s whole beans and ground coffee can be brewed using a wide range of methods; these include espresso machines, pour-over, drip coffee maker, and French press.


Professional Drip Coffee is available in whole beans and ground. It is best used in automatic drip coffee makers or french press.




Lavazza Single Serve products are divided into four categories: Nespresso Compatible capsules, K-cups, Espresso Point capsules, and Lavazza BLUE capsules.


Nespresso Compatibles – Can be brewed only with Nespresso Original Line machines*.

K-cups – Can be brewed with any Keurig machines (except Keurig Rivo brewers).


BLUE Capsules – Can be brewed only with Lavazza BLUE machines.




Espresso Point capsules – Can be brewed only with Lavazza Espresso Point machines.



Machine Selection: 


All you need is an excellent machine to make your coffee!
If you want to enjoy authentic Italian espresso check out Lavazza BLUE system machines, if you want to make a traditional coffee, check out Lavazza stove pot, Carmencita.



Lavazza BLUE Espresso LB 300




Lavazza BLUE Espresso LB 2317



You can only use these machines with legitimate Lavazza BLUE Capsules.

Drinkware and Accessories selection:


Drink your favorite cup of coffee with style!
Enhance your Lavazza coffee experience with Lavazza drinkware.


Cappuccino cup and saucer


Premium Mug



Enjoy our selection and share your Lavazza experience with us!
Do you wanna know more on our products? 
Leave a comment below! :)
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