Lavazza BLUE Espresso Gold Selection 2 Coffee Capsules (Pack of 100) – Italy Best Coffee

Lavazza BLUE Espresso Gold Selection 2 Coffee Capsules (Pack of 100)

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Lavazza Espresso Gold Selection 2 Coffee Blend in Lavazza BLUE Capsules is no exception. An authentic Italian experience with hints of honey and almond, gold selection contains a fine selection of washed Arabica hand-picked in the highlands of Central and South America, carefully blended with washed and semi washed robust a - such as kaapi Royale (India) and Java - and natural Arabica. This blend is ideally brewed as a traditional Italian espresso but can be made into a variety of hot drinks using a Lavazza BLUE machines. Enjoy a true taste of Italy that is uniquely Lavazza.

  • Pack of 100 single-serve Lavazza Blue capsules with Gold Selection 2 Coffee blend
  • Hints of honey and Almond
  • Blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee
  • Blended and roasted in Italy
  • Double shot of Espresso
  • Can only be brewed using a Lavazza Blue machine
Lavazza Blue means Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso, and brings to you a high quality coffee in a single serve solution. The ESPRESSURE patent guarantees a sublime result in the cup, just like at the bar. The Lavazza Blue range has espresso, lungo coffee, decaffeinated blendw, offering something to satisfy everyone's tastes.