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Lavazza SCA Barista Skills Foundation Class

Lavazza SCA Barista Skills Foundation Class

This course will include:

-How espressos are blended or prepared as single origins
-Espresso impacts from roast degree, freshness and more
-Understanding grinders and how to use them
-Understanding espresso machines and how to use them
-Safety and cleaning of your machines
-The benefits of maintaining a clean and efficient workspace
-Establishing espresso recipes
-Calibrating your grinder
-Dosing, distributing and tamping espresso grounds
-Espresso definitions and the metrics/standards we use
-The barista routine or hustle or dance (as it is called)
-Espresso extraction and descriptions, understanding how to taste for quality
-Milk foaming and steaming techniques
-Milk freshness, temperature and troubleshooting
-How to build espresso beverages and your espresso menu
-Espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes, Americanos and more
-Safe and hygienic work practices
-Regular cleaning and equipment maintenance
-Water impacts to brewing, espressos and equipment
-Creating a great customer experience
-Mock SCA practice exam

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Lavazza SCA Barista Skills Foundation Class